Want to know what USPSA division to shoot?

USPSA has a few different divisions that require different guns and equipment to be used giving every competitor the participate on a level playing field. Things like magazine length or capacity can be restricted, or other items like your holster type, location may also take you from one division to another. Divisions like production and single stack have a fairly tight rule set, where limited and open divisions have very minimal restrictions on what you can use and do to your equipment. This is not meant to be a comprehensive guide to the rules, but more of an overview of the highlights of each division to help make your selection a little easier.
If you are not sure what division your equipment puts you in, don't worry, just follow along below. There are a few select circumstances that the questions below do not cover, but is a great guide to get you to the range and shooting a USPSA match. Many times one gun can compete in a few different divisions and in that case we recommend selecting the division with the most open rule set to help you find out what you like the most.

First, if your gun is a revolver, then you will more than likely fall into the revolver division. If your gun is a 1911 then you will more than likely want to shoot in the Single Stack division. There is also the Pistol Caliber Carbine (PCC) division that lets you use a pistol caliber rifle like a Sig MPX Carbine, Ruger PC Carbine, or AR-15 Carbine variant. Almost all other semi-automatic pistols will follow the matrix below.

If your gun has an optic, proceed directly to question 3.

1. How many magazines do you have with you for your gun
Three or less go to question 2
Four or more go to question 5

2. Does your gun have an optic
Yes, go to question 3
No, shoot LIMITED

3. Does your gun have a compensator or other external modification like a thumb rest, slide cuts, or a magwel?
Yes, shoot OPEN
No, go to question 4

4. Is your optic mounted to the frame?
Yes, Shoot OPEN

5. Is your gun a Striker fire, DA/SA?
Yes, go to question 6
No, shoot LIMITED

6. Does your gun have any external modifications other than the grip panels, like a thumb rest, over sized magazine release, magwel, or custom slide cuts?
Yes, Shoot LIMITED
No, go to question 6

6. Do you want to load more than 10 rounds per magazine?
Yes, Shoot LIMITED

If you still have questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us or show up to a match and simply just ask the person at registration for assistance.

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