USPSA First Match Top Tips

Some of Minnesota's experienced shooting community giving advice on what they learned, or wish they learned at their first match. There are so many things that you will learn at your first USPSA match, this will help give you a few key things that you should focus on at your first match.

"There are two kinds of competition shooters, those that have been DQ'd and those that will be DQ'd."
- Unknown

"Go to a meet and just watch and ask questions."
- Allen W.

"Focus on safety not the clock. The clock won’t get you DQ’d or send you or someone else to the hospital!"
- Steve S.

"Dry fire and know your gear."
- David S.

"Start slow and the speed will come."
- Adam L.

"Get your hits even if it feels slow, the speed will come as you learn the sport”
- Robert U.

"Gun up and be safe.”
- Kate A.

"Start with what you have. Follow the road instructions. Don't try to shoot fast, hit your targets and the most important, follow all the safety rules.”
- Jon O.

"Relax, keep your gun pointed down range, and do everything the RO tells you to do.”
- Lisa R.

"Slow is FAST."
- Andre M.

"180 awareness, and keeping your muzzle anchored to the backstop. Your body moves around the gun."
- Kyle T.

"Safety first, the rest will fill in soon enough."
- Cindy B.

"After you finish you first stage, take a breath while your gun is still facing downrange and then just listen to the range officers instructions after your breath."
- Charlie O.

"Show up early and help set up. It helps with familiarization and getting rid of the jitters."
- Wayne M.

"Start Slow and have fun, speed will come."
- Adam L.

"RELAX! Also, enjoy shooting in front of an audience and understand that you are not going to do super well your first time do do't stress about it."
- Caleb H.

"Take it nice and slow, listen to the RO and keep your muzzle pointed down range. Also, loose all belief that you're going to be an instant pro, so don't even try."
- Jomar V.

"Keep your finger out of the trigger guard.”
- Khai T.